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Get To Know About Bitraderx.

  • Income Managment & Investment Options: Bitraderx is a Income Managment & Investment organisation Constantly Creating a Financier for Crypto Investment and Management through Bitcoin, Ethereum and other means of crypto currency Mining. this is to help our clients earn and grow their money/income with Ease and in a more secured way..

  • Crypto Vendoring: Bitraderx Buy and sell your Bitcoin and other crypto currencies at intresting rates, with a fast & secured method of payment. Crypto buy and sell just got easier with this platform. .

  • Loan & Credit Options: Bitraderx provide her investors access to loans and credits so as not to run out of Investment Oppurtunities . with this access to Loans, you can borrow up to any investment amount to continue investing in our crypto trading. .

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Our Investment Plans

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  • Max Investment: $200
  • Duration: 24 hour
  • Profit / Roi: 140%
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  • Max Investment: $1000
  • Duration: 48 hours
  • Profit / Roi: 160%
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Platinum Plan


  • Max Investment: Unlimited
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Profit / Roi: 200%
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